About Sascha

Sascha has always loved theatre and performance from an early age. The first performance she saw was at the age of 6, when The Wizard of Oz was on in Plymouth and realised she was destined to be up there with all actors when she started singing along with the songs during the show! From then on, her life was full of drama and dance training and continued through school till she finished her A-levels.

She then went on to gain a BA Honours degree in Drama and English Literature at Exeter university, before moving to London and studied acting at The Courtyard Theatre Training Company. As this was a working theatre as well as a stage school, here Sascha gained training in all aspects of performance including backstage work. The only thing they didn't cover however was makeup and hair! If it wasn't for The Courtyard, she wouldn't have appreciated all the hard work that goes into created a show and from then on, her journey into makeup began.

Alongside all her training, Sascha became fascinated with the Gothic culture in terms of clothes, hair and makeup. When she started seeking work professionally as an actress in 2005, she was headhunted for After Dark Fashions in Camden to be their in house makeup artist demonstrating Stargazer and Manic Panic products to sell. It was then she started to put together a small portfolio and gained confidence in experimenting with many different looks. The obsession with makeup began from there and she wanted to take it further.

After many years of searching for the perfect course, she finally found one that took in all aspects of this fascinating work - Centre Stage run by BBC makeup artist Judy Neame. Training in all basics in hair, makeup and special effects, Sascha since being on this course and graduating in 2015, has grown stronger in her experimentation, application and appreciates the work that goes into it much more than she did before. Her aims are to incorporate this field into her acting work, her Brighton based theatre company Crimson Horse and dance work, as well as do this professionally. Her ultimate ambition after several years is to open her own theatre and stage school, with a section dedicated to hair and makeup for both budding artists and actors, due to the fact that there seems to be currently a gap in the market for stage schools to give actors the confidence to apply their own makeup and create hairstyles if an artist is not on a stage project for instance. Sascha aims to change that in the future as well as fully enjoy all aspects of performance in front of an audience, and backstage.

Created by Sascha Cooper